End-to-End Delivery

End-to-End Delivery

The VERAX Software Development Process is a comprehensive methodology designed to handle software development projects from end to end. It is based on:

Agile & Iterative processes

  • PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge)
  • The Rational Unified Process, which is customized to meet the Client’s needs and environment.

VERAX’s project management style focuses on Risk Mitigation. VERAX teams are focused and fully accountable to the Client thus reducing hand-offs and ensuring that end results exceed Client expectations. At project closure, our transition methodology ensures an effective handoff to the Client allowing them to move forward with confidence and success.

Requirements evolve through the full life-cycle of each project

  • Delivery cycles are short, allowing for frequent checkpoints to monitor progress
  • Detailed requirements are divided into multiple iterations
  • Each iteration contains a manageable set of requirements that are then taken through the analysis, design, build and texting phases. This iterative approach provides benefits such as: risk mitigation, faster time to market and improved quality. Multiple iteration phases are worked on in parallel to expedite delivery