Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance Services

Improving Performance and Business Value While Minimizing Risks

VERAX provides a comprehensive QA framework that addresses the challenges of a fast to market IT environment across different IT disciplines. VERAX QA services professionals add value by bringing domain expertise. VERAX services are centered around our methodology of Agile QA Services (AQA) –An objective, rigorous and transparent test planning, execution and reporting framework focused on open communication plans, short delivery cycles and risk mitigation and increasing test cycle efficiency.

Managed QA Services

Dedicated VERAX team providing ongoing Quality Assurance for steady state support and enhancements.  Leverage the extended VERAX team as required meeting speciality skills requirements and spikes in demand.

Automated Function Testing

Keyword and Data Driven approaches used to create automated function testing scripts that are reusable, easily maintained, reduce regression testing time and increase coverage.

BI / DW Testing

Systematic validation of source to target mapping through controlled source data and data signatures.  Automated data analysis.  Validate report output, extracts and cubes. Mobile Solution Testing – QA best practices with additional consideration for the variety of operating systems, form factors, network connections and concurrent activities.

Risk and Compliance Testing

Enterprise testing support for front office applications, analytics applications, data management systems, gateways, origination and processing systems.

Performance Testing

Simulate anticipated load requirements and do a deep-dive analysis of the system impact and bottlenecks. Collaborate with the various technology teams to identify opportunities for improvement.